Connext is not your typical Children's Ministry Conference.  Instead of hundreds, or even thousands of people gathered in a room to hear a few experts share ideas, we create an intimate space for you to connect with the next great Children's Ministry Leaders.

So why should you attend a Connext event?

1. To Get away 

Sometimes kidmin leaders need to laugh together and sometimes we need to cry together.  Connext provides an opportunity for you to step away from the business and the busyness of ministry life to have some fun.  We intentionally choose relaxing environments and we strategically schedule down time into our event for you to do just that.

2. To Connect

Connext is designed to accommodate 15-20 Children's Leaders.  Any more than that and we have found that it's too easy to hide in the crowd.  Combine intimate numbers with our purposefully relational schedule, and you are primed to create lasting and meaningful relationships.

3. To Think Differently

Connext flips the script of the typical kidmin conference.  Rather than hearing from a few select "experts," every Connext attendee comes ready to share what they are most passionate about.  Knowing that you have the ears of the next great kidmin leaders will challenge you to think differently and present passionately.

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